Metropolis Performing Arts Centre


Fall 2019


Drama Club

Come back to school and sign up for Drama Club! We’ll cover units in improv, musical theatre, technical theatre, and more. Drama Club offers a casual, no-stress outlet for adults new to the world of theatre as well as those with theatre backgrounds. A great way to socialize, learn new skills, and have some fun, this is a club you won’t want to pass up this year!

  • Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm, $325

     Full Session ONLY (Sept. 3 - Dec. 14)


Beginning Group Piano

Have fun learning to play piano in a relaxed group environment. Fundamentals are taught by playing familiar and popular tunes. Practice in class with the supervision of a piano faculty member and free yourself to play the music you love. Our piano lab allows students to work independently or as a group. Enjoy reaping the scientifically proven benefits to the brain for those who study music! Required books covered by class fee and are students' to keep at the conclusion of the session.

  • Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, $250

     Full Session ONLY (Sept. 3 - Dec. 14)


Beginning Group Guitar

Learn to play the guitar through this welcoming class setting. Classes feature intimate instruction, but are large enough for students to benefit from each other’s learning experiences. A great way to prepare students for private guitar lessons! Acoustic guitar required. Call Metropolis for rental suggestions.

  • Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, $225

     Full Session ONLY (Sept. 3 - Dec. 14)


Private Lessons
Guitar • Ukulele • Electric Bass • Violin • Viola • Percussion • Piano • Voice • And More!


30 Minute Lessons $36/lesson $576/16 weeks

45 Minute Lessons $52/lesson $832/16 weeks

60 Minute Lessons $67/lesson $1,072/16 weeks


Give it a try! Start with a trial lesson: $30 for 30 minutes


Private Coaching

Prepping for an audition, speech tournament, or work presentation? Receive personalized tips & 

feedback from our professional acting, music, and dance coaches. Coaches also provide professional training in public speaking and interviewing. Flexible scheduling options are available for those of all ages.


Start anytime and pay as you go!

$40 for 30 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes