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Pinocchio! is Cast - Please Check Back for New Audition Information

By Michele L Vacca Based on the C. Collodi Novel


Geppetto the toy maker wishes on a star that his puppet could be a real boy, to have a son of his own. The Blue Fairy brings the puppet to life and names him Pinocchio, but it’s his job to become a real boy by learning to tell the truth and obeying his father. With many temptations along the way, will Pinocchio ever get to be a real boy?



 Audition Form:

Forms must be filled out and brought to the audition.The rehearsal, tech, and performance dates are included – please include all conflicts.

Audition Form


Audition & Casting Policies



*begin Friday, March 17th

Fridays – 4pm-7pm

Sundays – 12pm-3pm

Tuesdays – 4pm-7pm

*No rehearsals March 27th-April 1st


Sunday, April 30th12pm-4pm

Monday, May 1st4pm-8pm

Tuesday, May 2nd4pm-8pm

Wednesday, May 3rd4pm-8pm

*Attendance on these dates is mandatory


Thursday, May 4th @ 10am and 6pm

Friday, May 5th @ 10am and 6pm

Saturday, May 6th @ 1pm

*Please note there are 2 performances during the day – a school excusal letter will be sent home

Contact Maggie (SOPA Production Manager) to reserve your audition:

Call: 847.577.5982 x234         Email: