Metropolis Performing Arts Centre


Staff Name & Position Email Address Phone Ext. 847.577.5982
Joe Keefe
Executive Artistic Director x224

Helaine Miller
Executive Managing Director x246
Emily Bednar 
Education Administrator and Events Coordinator x221
Bill Franz
Production Manager of Produced Work x222
Group Sales & Rental Associate x228
Sarah Pollock 
Development Associate x229
Sarah Buto 
Assistant Production Manager x230
Nathan W. Brown
Marketing Associate x231
Carla McAleer
Finance Director x232
Holly Marshall
Production Manager of Presented Work x233
Liz Lach
Marketing Director x235
Bryan Wlas
Audience Services Manager x239
Kate Schwarz 
Education Director x240
Randal Ann Klaproth
Director of Development x242
Nick Brandt
Education Production & Camp Coordinator x234
Abby Vombrack 
Education Community Engagement Coordinator x244
Jessica Braun
Special Events Coordinator x245
Michael Wagner 
Master Electrician  
Finlay Ross 
Head of Sound  
Robin Hughes
Casting Director


Neil Scheufler 
Major Gifts & Planned Giving Officer


Board of Directors